Our ultimate goal is the safety of our children

Out of concern for the safety of our students at drop off and at dismissal time we have developed a structured traffic flow pattern to create a safer situation for students and drivers during the AM and PM rush times.  Please review the map as well as the written directions to be familiar with the flow.

Thank you for your cooperation!

A.M. Traffic Pattern

All traffic should flow north on Rulison Avenue (towards Cleves Warsaw) and children should be dropped off on the side of the school to avoid having children cross the street. Please do NOT drop off students across the street on Rulison. It is not safe for them to cross the street in the morning. Students in all grades may be dropped off near the gym entrance in the main school lot. Drivers utilizing the main school lot should enter the courtyard area only by Rulison Avenue in a single lane. Cars must exit past the church to Glenway Avenue (right turn only) or onto Overlook Avenue (recommend right turn). Be mindful that children are walking in these areas. Students may be dropped off at the breezeway. Cars are to drive through the circle driveway.

P.M. Traffic Pattern

Parents driving should enter the Rulison lot by the driveway closest to Cleves Warsaw.  Cars will form a line beginning with a line closest to the fence and moving outward.  Teachers will walk the children out to the parking lot.  Cars will be dismissed in an orderly fashion after all students are in the cars. Parents should not park on the street or in the parking lot by the gym when their children are car riders. For everyone’s safety, please park in the Rulison lot for picking up car riders.