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BrainPop      BrainPop Jr.




How to Search with Google

Primary Math Site

Quia Activities

Intermediate Math Sites

Scott Foresman Reading Headquarters

Free Rice

Spelling and Vocabulary

Schools Online

Grammar Blast

Portable Puzzle Collection Logic Games

Christ Our Life

Funbrain Soduku

Student Resources


That Quiz

Addition - Find the Missing Digits

Kindergarten - Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Miller's Web Page


Match Uppercase & Lowercase Letters  

Learn the Parts of a Computer!

Fishy Count  

Alphabet Bingo Letter Sounds


Grade 1 - Mrs. Tieman

Mrs. Tieman's Web Page



Primary Math Site

AAA Math-First Grade

  Stop the Clock 1

Penguin Page

           Way of the Cross              

Junie B. Jones



Grade 2 - Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson's Web Page



Simple Machines  

Primary Math Site

Insect Sites

AAA Math-Second Grade

Baby Animal Names

U.S. States          Quiz

Baseball Biographies

Telling Time

BrainPop Jr.

Count Hoot

Laura Ingalls Wilder


Grimm Fairy Tales

The New Food Pyramid Becomes a Plate!

Neil Armstrong Matter 
That Quiz Friction     Forces
  IXL 2nd Grade Math
Grade 3 - Mrs. McGrath

Mrs. McGrath's Web Page



Native Americans

Trading Card Creator

Flat Stanley Project

Charles Lindbergh

AAA Math-Third Grade

Rocks and Minerals

Cincinnati Sites

Reptiles        Amphibians

Famous Americans

Reptile Printouts



Solar System

Grammar - Pronouns and Contractions


Noun Dunk

Grammar Blast

Noun Finder Game

Multiplication & Division Games

IXL 3rd Grade Math


Grade 4 - Mrs. Geis

Mrs. Geis's Web Page

Prophets Brochure - 6th Grade 4th Qtr   Punctuation Paintball
Day of the Dead

6th Grade Religion CD Project

Kids' Place English

Heroes of the Southeast Region
Sentence Clubhouse Spelling and Vocabulary
Ten Commandments 6th Grade Hall of Fame Religion Project
Grade 5 - Ms. Bardua

Mrs. Bardua's Web Page

Space   Biomes of the World   Worksheet
Endangered Species Links     WKS Photosynthesis
Scientists Cloning Worksheet

Classifying Critters Worksheet

Genetically Engineered Foods
Citation Machine
Animal Sites    Bibliography
Plants     Greek Mythology Trading Cards
Cell Web Quest Bacteria Wanted Poster
Virus Web Hunt

Multiplying Decimals Games & Video

Sacraments Collage

Frog Dissection   



Underground Railroad

Human Body

Orphan Trains

Enchanted Learning:  Planets


Mars Exploration Rover Mission

The Titles of Mary

Solar System

Lives of the Saints

New Horizon:  Pluto

Subjects and Predicates

Stardust:  Comet Sample

Geography Project


6th Grade Religion CD Project

Choose My Plate (Nutrition)

Prophets Brochure - 6th Grade 4th Qtr




Grade 6 - Mrs. Wuebbling
Mrs. Wuebbling's Web Page


Lemonade Stand  


Ancient Egypt       Questions


Middle Ages

Wegener and his Theories

School History Games

Geologic Time


Plate Tectonics Animation

George Washington's Socks


Presidents Project


Rocks and Minerals

Air Pressure  

Weather Safety         Wiz Kids

 Earthquakes and Volcanoes 

Lab Safety Rules

Rocks and Minerals Internet Hunt 

 Decimal Operations

Weather Channel      NOAA

First Aid

Weather Underground


Colonial America Presentation

Ohio Presidents

World Biomes and Ecosystems

Niagara Falls Web Hunt

Plant Scavenger Hunt

States, Capitals, & Continents Games

Simple Machines

Presidents of the United States


Rounding Flashcards  

Intermediate Math Sites  

Types of Energy

Grade 7 - Ms. James   Grade 7 - Ms. Ulmer

Mrs. James's Web Page

Mrs. Ulmer's Web Page

Greek Mythology


Movie Trailer Project


Grades 8 - Mrs. Morris   

Mrs. Morris's Web Page


Roller Coaster Database

  Calculating Speed
Kid Zone      Design a Roller Coaster 
Quia Chem Games Roller Coaster Game

The Set Daily Puzzle

Scientist Movie
Density Lab Laws of Motion

Periodic Table

Birthstone Project
Hurricane Sites Element Baby Book
Boiling Water Geologic Time Scale
Grades 7 & 8 Religion Projects  -  Mr. Carroll
7th Grade Comic Book Project   7th Grade Parables Project
8th Grade Coat of Arms Project 8th Grade Fruits of the Holy Spirit
7th & 8th Grades Saint Report 8th Grade Fakebook
7th Grade Heavenly Recipe Project 8th Grade Church History - Early Years
7th Grade Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary 7th Grade Advent & the Joyous Mysteries  INSTRUCTIONS
8th Grade The Church - What is it? 8th Grade 4 Marks of the Church   INSTRUCTIONS
Grade 8 - Mr. Carroll

Mr. Carroll's Web Page


President Poster


Women's History Month


Smoking and Alcohol Sites

Landmark Supreme Court Cases

History Timeline

Flowers for Algernon


Dog Sledding

Civil War Collage Project


Mr. Kehling   Mrs. Stevens

Mr. Kehling's Web Page

Mrs. Stevens's Web Page

Ms. Hope  

Ms. Hope's Web Page

Computer Lab

Computer Lab Website

More Advanced Tech Dictionary

Tech Terms Glossary for Kids