Rocks and Minerals Internet Hunt

Directions: Use the links provided or Google to find the answers to the questions.
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If a link is broken, use your Internet searching skills to find the answer.

1. List the three rock groups.


2. Describe the rock cycle. Watch the Rock Cycle movie. Also here.



3. Write 3 minerals found in a house. Name the specific product where it is used.



4. What is the difference between a mineral and a rock? Google it!



5. The gem Corundum is called a sapphire unless it is colored red.
What do they call a red colored corundum?


6. How old is the Hope Diamond?


7. Asbestos is a mineral that people used to protect themselves from fire. Later they discovered it was dangerous.
How is it dangerous
?  Google it!




8. F. Mohs developed a scale to measure hardness of gemstones. What is the scale called?


9. What mineral has the least hardness according to the scale?

What mineral has the greatest hardness?



10. How are sedimentary rocks formed? Name two sedimentary rocks.  Google it!




11. How are igneous rocks formed?  Google it!



What does the word ignite mean? Look it up in a dictionary.


12. Ever hear the phrase "it sank like a stone"? What rock can actually float?  Google it!


13. Name the tests that scientists use to identify minerals. Explain two of them. Google it!




14. What is an unusual property of the mineral ulexite?


15. What causes sedimentary and igneous rocks to change?  Google it!


Challenge questions:

16. Nicholaus Steno set down two geologic principles. What are they?







17. What is the name for molten rock?  Google it!



18. What role does the mineral fluoride play in your health?


19. Suppose I told you someone was sedimentary.  How would you picture that person?


Fiery and exciting / Slow and steady / Changing throughout the year.


20.  Sometimes we techies talk about morphing. We morph pictures, for example.
Using your understanding of rock terms - what does morphing mean?

Name an animal that "morphs" __________________________________


"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

Done already? Good for you!

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